Preparation of Papers

Authors are invited to submit the full text articles by 22nd April, 2019 (Extended deadline: 10th May, 2019). Papers should be submitted using the Springer OCS system:

ICOAE2019 Proceedings will be published on-line by Springer in the series ’Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics‘ under the title Advances in Cross-Section Data Methods in Applied Economic Research – 2019 International Conference on Applied Economics (ICOAE2019)

There is no maximum number of pages for each article (formatted according to the manuscript guidelines of the conferencebut it is advisable not to exceed fifteen (15) pages. [Latex users please use this link to download the style file]

All articles are accepted after blind refereeing. Upon acceptance authors are required to complete and submit a copyright transfer form. This form will be sent to the corresponding author by email and should be signed and returned within two weeks from the date of acceptance.

Full text articles should be submitted without a prior submission of an abstract.

Virtual presentation of papers

Acceptance of papers for virtual presentation is subject to the same peer-review procedure with the papers that will be presented at the conference. Authors interested in presenting their work by teleconferencing should send to their powerpoint file (max 20 transparencies) by 28th June, 2019 together with their Skype user name. 

Preparation of Posters

Acceptance of papers for presentation in the poster session is based on submitted abstract. Acceptance is not subject to peer-review process. Therefore, abstracts cannot be published in the proceedings of the conference. They will appear only in the conference programme.

The requirements for the poster session is that the poster of the paper should be up to 4 A3 size pages or 2 A2, or 1 A1.

The font (letter) size should be such that the letters could be read from a distance of 60 cm to 80 cm.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts for the poster session is the same with the deadline for the submission of full papers (Extended deadline: 10th May, 2019).

The working language of the conference is English.