ICOAE2021 Proceedings will be published on-line by Springer in the series ‘Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics‘ under the title Advances in Quantitative Economic Research – 2021 International Conference on Applied Economics (ICOAE2021)

There is no maximum number of pages for each article (formatted according to the manuscript guidelines of the conferencebut it is advisable not to exceed fifteen (15) pages. [Latex users please use this link to download the style file][submission on]

All articles are accepted after blind refereeing. Upon acceptance authors are required to complete and submit a copyright transfer form. This form will be sent to the corresponding author by email and should be signed and returned within two weeks from the date of acceptance.

All authors are entitled a free copy of the e-book of proceedings for personal use. Authors should note that access to this book is for private and personal use only. They are not allowed to make the published e-book or parts of it freely available on the internet via an institutional repository or private website or in any other way.

Further, articles will be selected by members of the scientific committee and authors will be invited to submit an extended version of their article to be published in the following journals: